About us

Weeeze, master in the art of windows, is the watchmaker of high-precision, remarkably-aesthetic aluminium joinery systems.

Elisa Vidal-Revel

We are at the crossroads where seemingly-opposing trends meet yet, here at Weeeze, come together in perfect harmony: high-precision engineering and beauty, luxury and industry.

Elisa Vidal-RevelWeeeze President

A small firm with all the makings of a big one

The company, located in Leyment, in the Ain department in France, is positioned on the high-end minimalist sliding window market and focuses on developing in France and abroad. With around 20 employees, Weeeze's human size enables it to deliver bespoke work perfectly tailored to each particular request, and, as it is part of the Valfidus Group, an aluminium specialist, it has all the makings of a big firm.

Weeeze is the champion of a high precision technique that draws on state-of-the-art solutions, including an in-house developed motor, and mastery of truly-artistic design. It also demonstrates great adaptability to meeting contemporary architecture challenges. Customers and architects are as such invited to give free rein to their most ambitious and prestigious projects. Weeeze is by their side to ensure their dreams become reality.

Product quality as the core value

Product quality is a core value in the company's project. It is achieved thanks to the mastery of the installation by Weeeze teams, enabling real time monitoring of the quality of the products designed and manufactured in-house.

Quality goes hand-in-hand with the privileged relationships established with all the company's contacts, first and foremost its customers and architects. Support upstream of the architectural creative or transformative project is a must. It is pursued throughout the work and afterwards for monitoring, enhancing and providing after-sales services.

Where the past and present meet

Weeeze's history is inseparable from the original French-Swiss company, founded in 1990, which was active on the traditional joinery market. It pursued its route in 2009 with a strategic move into the large-sized minimalist sliding window market, which led to the creation of the first-ever French product.

Another highlight of Weeeze's history is when it became part of the Valfidus Group in July 2020. This acquisition offers new perspectives to the company as it can rely on the expertise and soundness of a major group, expert in aluminium, which, itself, is launching into the minimalist aluminium joinery market.