Weeeze joins Sepalumic's parent company

Weeeze joins Sepalumic's parent company

Drawing on its expertise in the high-end minimalist sliding window market, human-sized Weeeze became part of the Valfidus Group, specialist in classic aluminium building systems and parent company of Sepalumic, on 1st July 2020 and became renamed as Weeeze SAS.

This major move offers the company new opportunities in terms of development and ambitions and provides all its contacts with highly-reliable guarantees. It is also of particular interest to Valfidus, which is expanding its scope of activity to include minimalist joinery.

Like in any collaborative adventure, the partners pool their complementary assets together enabling them to take advantage of reciprocal, shared benefits. This alliance is a meeting point where the strength of a major group and the originality of products boasting fine craftsmanship merge together as one.

Weeeze SAS President, Elisa Vidal-Revel sums it up beautifully: "Weeeze is the Group's little gem, a jewel that weaves together state-of-the-art technology and aesthetic awareness."

Weeeze's originality

Weeeze takes great pride in its originality. It stems from a tale that began back in 1990 in the classic sliding market, then evolved in 2009 with a strategic move into the minimalist sliding window market. The company is a real Master in the art of Windows, a Master that invents, manufactures and installs exceptional joinery systems, calibrated and tailored to each contemporary architecture project.

The strength of the Valfidus Group

By bringing Weeeze into the fold, Valfidus has been able to position itself on a high-end, state-of-the-art market. The international Group, specialist in classic aluminium building systems, totals companies across 10 countries. It provides Weeeze with strong financial and business stability as well as the extensive expertise of a diversified group.


"The high-potential little artisanal company with its remarkable product that seduced Valfidus now has the resources to establish its stability and to dream bigger in terms of investment and development", states the President.

Well, it's now a done thing. The Group's support will first and foremost be seen on a business level. Sepalumic teams and Weeeze sales forces will join together.

But there's more to come. The two entities have much more in common than complementary areas of expertise in the aluminium joinery field. They share values that place the spotlight on the human aspect, product quality and innovation.

Mutually-held values

The family history that has forged Valfidus Group's identity is on a par with Weeeze's artisanal size, ensuring that the in-house and external human aspect becomes a key value.

Staff development, their creative expression and autonomy are seen, in both cases, as the sine qua non of a high level of innovative capacity, a key factor in product quality criteria and, ultimately, as regards customer satisfaction.

The human size is the core asset of the fine craftsmanship that Weeeze and its 22 employees advocate. It is also an underlying theme for Valfidus, family group founded in 1967. The new President of Weeeze SAS, Elisa Vidal-Revel represents, moreover, the third generation of a line of aluminium workers that began with her grandparents, founders of Sepalumic, and continued with her father and aunt, currently in charge of Valfidus.

The new company management echoes these values by, it goes without saying, providing new impulse but also by placing emphasis on continuity. It consists of a duo, the President, Elisa Vidal-Revel, a qualified engineer and a CEO, product specialist and former head of company, Philippe Rubat.

All these aspects indicate a positive mutual future where more than just the pooling together of Weeeze and Valfidus' respective assets will most likely be highlighted, through the emergence of new opportunities born out of real synergies.

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